Review Policy

Right now I have a horrifically large to-be-read pile, so I’m strongly inclined to deny any review requests I receive. Feel free to keep sending them, but understand the odds are quite slim that I’ll accept the request right now.  (Current as of July, 2016).

Submission of a Request:

The best (and only) way to request a book review from me is to do so via my email, which is It’s how I keep track of everything, and I will ignore review requests submitted via any other avenue.

Content of a Request:

I have a busy professional life, so there are times I can only check this blog, and my email, once every couple of weeks or once every month. Requests can, ahem, pile up, and to facilitate things, I’ve gotten fairly picky about what I do and do not want to see in a review request.

First and foremost: I need to know about your book in the email itself. If you link to a website, a vendor like Amazon, or attach a fact sheet, I will probably ignore it. The body of any email you send me should tell me everything you feel I need to know about your book without any external information.

Second: Include the title of your book, the author name, and the genre in the subject line of the email. Any email that doesn’t include this information in the subject line will be deleted.

Third: Make sure your email only contains a review request. If you want to discuss guest blogging, author interviews, book tours, or anything else of the sort, make it a separate email. Note that I’m pretty gun-shy on that sort of stuff and am liable to do a guest post but not much more than that.

Fourth: If you have a genuine interest in world building, I’m not currently posting about it on this blog (again, to speed up my progress through my TBR pile). If you have a specific question for me, however, I’ll be happy to do my best to answer it, and I will be more than happy to do a post on your blog concerning world building. If you do want some manner of post from me, though, request it in a separate email from your review request.

Book Format:

I have a strong preference for electronic formats. Right now .epub and .mobi files are the easiest for me to work with.


I will post every review here, on Amazon, and on Goodreads. I’ll also post a link to the review on


If you feel I didn’t give you a fair review, feel free to send me an email. I’ll consider what you have to say, and if you persuade me that I honestly missed something of value that was present in the book enough to change the review as a whole, I’ll pull it down.

That being said: I will not pull down a review for any other reason. I understand that it’s terrifying to put your work out there, but without criticism none of us will grow as writers. I will try to make the review helpful to you.

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